— There are mysteries that can be hardly imagined and only partially opened.

Game Master


The Door is an intellectual real-time quest game, life-sized. This is a new form of entertainment. You and your friends are the heroes of adventure. While sitting locked in a mysterious room, in the team composed of 2-5 persons, you will have to keep a watchful eye on the details and demonstrate the team spirit in order to get free during 60 minutes of the investigation. The Game Master has cannily hidden the clues in various places. You need to find and decipher them. The things, simple at first glance, hide secrets. Can you correctly combine them and find the key to get out? Choose one of the two worlds to explore (click to see trailers): Post-apocalyptic and stalkerish BUNKER N°7. Or mysterious Victorian “SAVE MR. HOLMES”. You play, start!


And here you are in the unusual place, the atmosphere is intriguing, the clock counts down: 60, 59, 58 minutes ...


Come with family or friends to uncover the fine spun secrets, and you will overcome the difficulties that we have created especially for you.

Do you want to strengthen the team spirit of your team and make it more united than ever?


Are you tired of master classes in making sushi and go-carting? We invite you to spend time with a new entertainment!


Crack a mystery before your boss! And who is boss now!

Do you like to be aware of all latest things and are you looking for a way to tickle your nerves?


Then why you need to abstain from what you really want!


Come to uncover the secret codes and resolve puzzles: in the real world this time..


Theses, antitheses, cathodes, shmanodes ...


Put finally you knowledge into practice. Show me that you have intelligence.


The game is waiting for you, puzzles have been created. Can you rise to the occasion?



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Open the game in detail.

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The Door is located just a 15-minute walk from the train station Lausanne.


This walk will give you an opportunity to make a breath of fresh air and discover one of the parts of the city.

The Door is located just a 4 minutes from the highway exit Maladière / Lausanne Sud.


The place in the park is freely available for each team (northern side of the building).

The Door is just a 4-minute walk from the subway station M1, Montelly.


You can also join us by going 3 minutes from the bus-stop No. 6, Pont Marc Dufour.

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021 525 39 57

Chemin de la Tour-Grise 6,

1007 Lausanne - CH


The Door, interview by Frank Matter,

"Supersonic", Couleur 3, radio (RTS)

The Door in "Point Barre",

With Lionel Tardy & Didier Charlet, Couleur 3, radio (RTS)

The Door at TV show "Nouvo",

By Marc Gagliardone (RTS),

Attention, spoilers!

Stars are playing at The Door

Didier Charlet (aka J.-G. Cuenod)

& Lionel Tardy (Point Barre, Couleur 3)